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Who We Serve

We Put Our Clients’ Success Above All Else

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Our distinct solutions are tailored to individuals, families, and businesses. Our clients know that they can entrust us to handle their finances, not just because of our industry knowledge and experience, but because of our open communication, approachability, and commitment to always putting your best interests first. Our primary goal is to see you succeed, and when you do, celebrate with you along the way.

Our focus and responsibilities transcend what is often considered “traditional” wealth planning. We take the time to discuss and understand how you want your wealth to influence you and your family or how you want your purpose to impact your wealth.

Our Process

Our 4-step process set's Hostetler Financial apart

Our Wealth and Purpose approach suits families and business owners that are interested in creating a long-term vision and are looking for holistic, independent advice to help them achieve it. As part of that, our best relationships are with clients who want to have more than just an investment advisor or a tax advisor – they want to work with a full team of professionals that understands and focuses on what they are trying to achieve. While there are endless avenues and products that you could be doing, our goal is to determine what you should be doing. 

1. Purpose

We ask the right questions, such as “What is the purpose of your wealth?”, so we get to the answers that matter – what’s important to you. We’ll listen and understand how you see your wealth contributing to your happiness.

2. Understanding

To help create an effective plan for you family, it’s important to know where you are financially, how you got here and where you plan on going. We’ll talk through your details to develop a deep understanding of your family’s finances.

3. Recommendations

Once we have a clear understanding of you and your financial picture, we begin strategy and design. We’ll recommend specific strategies and solutions to help you and your family align your wealth with your purpose.

4. Manage Well

Families evolve over time. So too will your wealth, and perhaps even your values. With your plan design in place, we'll communicate regularly with you to assess how changes in your family, your wealth and the world around us might impact your plan. We look for opportunities to be proactive and adaptive.

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